Voices / Stimmen – Reading Group

as part of the VOICES Project funded by miKrOPROJEKTE 2017


— reclaiming the public as a political space —

Consisting of a memory game and an active if possible performative reading group, fostering public discourse and reclaiming the public space as an political space.

It is inspired by the greek; “agora (/ˈæɡərə/; Ancient Greek: Ἀγορά Agorá)”, which was the center of athletic, artistic, spiritual and political life of the city. Its literal meaning is “gathering place” or “assembly”

Studio 1 Project by

Nina Prader

Alex Head

Lucya Szech

Nicolás Concha

Tanja Knaus

02-19The VOICES reading group is a collaborative project. Each participant is invited to choose a text, dealing with a general theme. After each meeting of the reading group a new “we” is formed. We as a group then decide who takes on the task of preparing the following reading material and site. This person will not only decide on the text, he or she will also pick a by their definition public place to meet and continue the discussion. The material for discussion can be a text, a performative reading of a speech, a manifesto, or any other verbal performative action. (An exception to this process is the book club on September 9th which links to the second part of Voices: MemoryGames & post-memory)