Voices / Stimmen

reclaiming the public as a political space

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„Voices / Stimmen, reclaiming the public as a political space“ was published by Lady Liberty Press  and distributed by  ZKU press.

Reading like a circle, Voices / Stimmen is a creative, collective and comprehensive theoretical compendium. In five readings, in five common themes, in five chapters Assembly, Pop, Memory, Violence and Holy War, these texts and images document the public contexts, outcomes (dialectics and the synthesis), methods, textual and visual comments by participants of the project Voices.

Authors; Tanja Knaus, Alex Head, Erica Brisson, Nina Prader, Gianna Virgina Prein, Kathrin Shrader, Tyler Fox, Catherine Ryan, Alina Arch, Lianne Mol, Sarah Bornhorst

Layout; Lucía Szych,  Illustrations; Erica Brisson

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Reading Group

Each participant was invited to choose a text. This person was not only deciding on the text, he or she picked as well a by their definition public place to meet and continue the discussion. The material for discussion could be a text, a performative reading of a speech, a manifesto, or any other verbal performative action.

To kick off the project, I facilitated the first reading group session in which we discussed chapter five of Judith Butler`s book ‘Notes Toward a Performative Theory of Assembly’ called; ‘We the people: Thoughts on Freedom of Assembly’.

We tried to understand the legal framework which influence us on a daily basis in public space, how to exercise freedom of speech and demonstration, and specifically the regulatory schemes that qualify only certain subjects as eligible to exercise that right. Further, we discussed the political struggles of today and in particular Europe’s migration politics.


Public Performances

In the second reading group session we discussed the text; “Manifesto for The New Political Pop Song” by Catherine Ryan. As a result we created new lyrics for our own political pop song and performed them at the Berlin Art Week at ZK/U, with the possibility for the audience to improvise and jam their own songs. Following a radio show on the New Political Pop Song at subtextradio by ALex Head.

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reading group

public performances








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The following 2 sessions were facilitated by Nina Prader, who used her designed memoryGames to create a different dynamic of the discussion. We discussed the text by Marianne Hirsch: Surviving Images: Holocaust Photographs and the Work of Postmemory.

In memoryGames by Nina Prader meets reading group part 2; we discussed the memoryGame itself and its function as a dialogical tool.

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