Community Garden Mural in Porto

IMG_3999I draw this Mural for the community garden called „jardim suspenso„, build for the Manobras Festival in Porto, Portugal, which funded different creative projects in the city.

As we were asking the neighborhood, what motif they would like to have on the wall, their response was, however, that a dog is missing in this garden. So I choose to portray “Billy” the at this time still living Sao Bento dog. You could find him taking a rest each day, infront of the metro station; “Sao Bento”, which is situated the center of the city, the neighborhood of that community garden. For me he represented the neighborhood and was the perfect symbolic figure for this new community garden.

The background of the mural shows the beautiful but at the same time ugly part of the city. The streets are a bit dirty in some corners of the town and full of seagulls who are spreading the garbage all over. And this, only one street behind the main touristic area of Porto.

You can find in my mural as well religious portuguese motives, and violent ones, since the domestic violence is pretty high in Portugal. The area of this Mural, is still one of the poorest in Porto, right in the center, next to the main square.

I created as well a web presentation for this community garden project, which were organized by the Italian architect Chiara Sonzogni.




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