Access public spaces

Exit public spaces

Access Exit is a series of ten embodied interventions taking place at, on and around “public” sculptures from June 2014 – June 2015. The work questions how we access and exit public spaces, dialogues, historical context, memory, time, artistic practices, relationships, authorship and notions of monumentality.

Access Exit I/X was performed June 29, 2014 for 90-minutes by Truax and Knaus in Berlin at 13.4.1981 by Olaf Metzel (1987).

Access Exit II/X was performed August 1, 2014 for 3-hours by Knaus in Berlin at Two concrete Cadillacs in form of the naked Maja by Wolf Vostell (1987).

Access Exit III/X was performed September 3, 2014 for 3-hours by Truax in San Francisco at Vaillancourt Fountain by Armand Vaillancourt (1971).

We will continue alternating our performances until we reunite (physically) to create and perform the final six-hour piece, Access Exit X/X, in June 2015.

By exchanging 9-minute films and other physical materials from each 3-hour performance instead of verbally describing our performances to one another, we explicitly engage the gap between live performance and documentation and between our physical bodies as we collaborate to realize each layer of Access Exit.

Each single performance exists as a response to materials received from past performances, as a live performance created in and for a specific time and place, and as a carefully framed document provoking future performances and the complete 10-part work.

My collaborator, Raegan Truax is a durational performance artist who creates visceral, corporeal environments and takes breath, sweat, and skin as basic materials for works that exhaust, endure, and provoke the simultaneity of art and life. Her work has been featured by the Marina Abramovi? Institute and presented at Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik (ZKU) in Berlin, SOMarts in San Francisco, grüntaler9 in Berlin, The Northern California Performance Platform, Stanford University's Department of Art and Architecture, Berlin Art Week, Performance Studies International, Dance Theatre Workshop in New York City, Heizraum Concert Series in Berlin and The New Museum in New York City as collaborator to Carlos Motta’s international art project “We Who Feel Differently”. Visit for more information about Truax’s performances.

Upcoming Exhibitions of Access Exit:
EQUINOCCIO art festival by CORPORACIÓN CULTURAL VRAPA Chile, Curated by Melanie Garland

September 27 / CASA DE LO MATTA gallery /
Santiago de Chile
October 17 / 4:3 Gallery / Berlin

We are currently looking for funding to offset travel costs to perform Access Exit X/X together (physically in the same public space at the same time). Please contact us if you are affiliated with an artist residency, cultural institution, performance or exhibition space that might be interested in supporting this collaborative work.

Alex Head photographed Access Exit I/X.
Francisco Petrucci filmed Access Exit II/X.
Derek Phillips filmed Access Exit III/X.